About ISC


ISC was founded in 1998 in Casper, Wyoming by a team who saw an opportunity to take data networks to the next level. So how did this small company grow to become one of Cisco’s preferred integrators in just a few short years? By taking care of customer needs more professionally, more personally, than the competition.

In Wyoming, business is based on personal relationships, and agreements are often made with a handshake. Word-of-mouth travels fast, and your reputation can be built or broken very quickly by your customers’ experiences. It’s a way of doing business that is mandatory in small towns, and an often refreshing difference for our metropolitan clients.

Of course, small-town business values can’t do it alone. ISC also has attracted and retained many of the absolute best engineers, project managers and other professionals available anywhere. It’s this combination of exceptional talent and personalized service, focusing on the customer, that has made ISC the most trusted source for the design, implementation and ongoing support of advanced technology solutions.

When you choose ISC as your technology solutions partner, you’ll not only benefit from our years of past experience. You’ll also be well-positioned for the inevitable evolution of future technologies. Our focus on the complete customer experience means that our clients are always informed about the right solutions at the right time and for the right reasons. And our investments in our people, methodologies and processes – as well as our relationships with leading manufacturers – ensure that we will be able to implement these new technologies for our customers as effectively as possible.