Since its inception, ISC has focused on providing technology solutions to schools, school districts and higher education institutions. Our experience and absolute commitment to the education market allows our education customers to take advantage of the latest, most innovative and cost-effective technologies to enhance the educational experience. Our perspective on building Connected Schools and the Connected Campus are as follows:

Building Connected Schools and the Connected Campus

To transform education, schools must connect within each district, state, region, and country. To build a connected community, schools must connect with the world outside.

Cisco Connected Learning is a step-by-step approach designed to help schools, colleges and universities develop into globally-focused, student-centric institutions of the 21st century.

Facilitate Efficiency and Academic Excellence

Connected Learning uses technology to help schools build stronger infrastructures, transform education, and enhance administrative efficiency and academic excellence.

Eliminate Physical Barriers with Wireless Networks

Laptop computers with wireless networking provide secure network and Internet access anywhere on campus. Wireless technology is also a cost-effective alternative to retrofitting network wiring systems.

Integrate Technologies to Reduce Costs

Using IP Communications to integrate data, voice, and video, schools can cost-effectively enable Internet capable classrooms, improve access to educational resources on or off campus while meeting technology needs, reducing complexity, and improving reliability.

Enhance the Educational Experience

Content delivery networks and IP-based video solutions can help schools connect remote students to on-campus learning resources, contribute to improved curricula, and enable classroom-to-classroom collaboration and access to off-campus experts.

Protect School Records, Information, and Property

Schools can help protect intellectual property and manage physical and electronic security for students, faculty, and staff with technologies such as virtual private networks, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and video networking.

Improve Network Foundations to Advance Education

Many school districts are deploying Gigabit Ethernet, optical networking, and storage technology to build an advanced network infrastructure for learning and take advantage of new education technologies.

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