Wyoming Tech Days a Huge Success!

ISC’s Wyoming Tech Days a Huge Success!!

Casper, Wyoming – ISC Inc., a Casper company since 1998 brought together over 50 of Wyoming’s most resourceful and strategic companies to discuss and share best practices and future trends as it relates to 21st Century Technology Solutions for the classroom or the board room.

Wyoming Tech Days, an ISC tradition for over 12 years in Casper has provided ISC customers with the latest and greatest technology solutions that best fits their organizational needs and budgets.  ISC continues to put the customer first by bringing in top notch vendors to one location making it convenient for most customers in the Wyoming area to attend this event at little to no cost other than travel expenses.

“Wyoming Tech Days is all about the customer experience, that is why we are in business and that is our priority”, stated Win Farnsworth, CEO of ISC.  ISC’s Casper sales team provided top-notch sales support and guidance to many of the customers as they learned about new technologies available to them through their partner at ISC.

ISC’s Wyoming Tech Days is an annual event for ISC and is open to any organization looking to stay current and ahead of the technology curve in this fast paced environment.

For more information about ISC please visit: www.isccorp.net or call 888.525.8933